New Life Step 1: Visualization

helpWhen I was in the third grade one of the class parents was going to school to be some sort of child therapist and spoke to us about setting goals and the importance of visualization. She guided us through some exercises to help us determine the life we wanted to live so we could set goals that would have the desired end result.

Even though it was long ago, I can still see the pictures in my mind like it was yesterday. I visualized myself pulling up a long road on to a larger property with an averaged size home. My child was playing with the animals outside and I walked in the door to see my husband cooking.

I set down my bag, gave him a hug, jumped right in and helped him. I’m amazed that at such a young age I knew the importance of a deep farmhouse sink. We talked about our days, set the food out on a large picnic table outside and watched as our friends and family came driving up for a great summer dinner.

Some things have changed in my mind. My husband looks like my husband and not Christopher Reeves, and I’d rather be driving a Volkswagen Golf TDI than my childhood dream car of a Porsche 911. And sadly, when I think about the friends and family coming over to eat, my Dad who passed away is no longer among them. But the reality has not changed that much. Through visualization I learned:

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On The Road to Self-Employment-Firing Your Boss

goaheadIf you find yourself making up excuses for why “you need” your current job, or holding off on firing your boss, then you’re afraid of not being able to find anything else, finding something worse, or maybe when you do decide to embark on what makes you happy there is the possibility of failure so you’re taking the safer route.

But the truth of the matter is, can you really live with the fact that you might be passing up something that could lead you to happiness if you decide to stick to your job… due to fear?

#2/ You feel bored with your life

I’m sure repeating the same routine day in, day out, for years on end would take the mickey out of anyone. The predictability of it all leaves you feeling tired, unhappy, unfulfilled, and you’re probably asking yourself, “What is the point of all of this?” Take that as a cue to start rethinking about what you want out of life. Sometimes a simple process of getting a certificate will help you to move forward.

Sometimes, firing your boss and leaving your day job can be frightening because there are so many worries that go with it (damn bills…), but have you ever thought about the positives that come with that? Read More

How I Run A Business Entirely On My Laptop And Phone…

fasfaHi folks,

Long time no blog =D

I know, I know.. I have been super lazy and not blogging lately at all. Before you judge me and decide to hate me forever, please let me explain. I’m a student goes to uni and runs 2 businesses. And being a student means you have assignments to conquer.

Being a last year student means you have to conquer even harder tasks…( Actually, I lied, all I seem to do is watch How I met you mother… but that’s another story =D) Not to mention running my time consuming biz..

Hence, no time for blogging…

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World’s 20 Youngest Founders Who Started The Biggest Companies (under 25)

The other day, I came across Michael Dunlop’s famous young rich list and it made me wonder how old some of the world most famous brand’s founders were when they first started their multimillion dollar companies.

Naturally, I did a little research. And the results shocked me. I limited my search for people under 25 only, not expecting many to make the list.

Boy! Was I wrong! The figures are dated, of course (2011), and I think it shows how fast the world has changed. Take a look at some 2011 data:

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4 Things Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From FAST FOOD

Life  is complicated Why ? Because I can go on for days about things that we THINK we hate, but can’t live without.

Fast-food is one of them. 

My beloved boyfriend and 2 awesome cousins are big fans of Mr. Ronald McDonald. They love him even more now because of the Maccas I Spy game (For aliens who live outside of planet Earth, and people who don’t live in Australia=), the rules are pretty simple, you buy, you peel and collect letters that supposedly make up the words of your prizes. Sometimes, you win instant meals too). Sound simple? Apparently not!

According to the 3 Mc Donald experts, there are only 2 letters R (which makes up the prize for C-A-R), 10 letters L (for H-O-L in ‘holiday’ and many more similar stories) in who-know-how-many Mc Donald packages across Australia.

You get my point; chances of winning BIG are extremely SMALL. Read More

What Lessons Bike Riding In 1 Day Has Taught Me For Maximum Success In The Next 100 Years.

I thought I was fit .

I was wrong.

Just 2 hour bike ride along Manly-one of the most beautiful beaches of Sydney, I was doomed and gasping for air.

Minus the out of breath bit, last Saturday was such a productive and fun day as I got to hang out with awesome friends, enjoyed the breath-taking view (literally) of Manly beach and figured out some business philosophies (please excuse my attempt to sound elegant and intelligent) which are applicable for my current businesses as well as the many future businesses ,that currently are ideas in our heads and plans on paper.

Remember sometimes we forget that some of the most simple things( bike riding for example) can be the ultimate source for success ( think: Newton and an apple that hit him on the head).

As I have learnt that a picture worth a thousand words, for your own entertainment, this post will contain heaps of pictures to prove my point that Australia really is a beautiful country and being Asian means you take pictures anywhere, anytimes=)

This is a list of what I learnt just by a day bike riding and I hope it will inform as well as entertain you about  some awesome lessons in businesses and in life.

The bike riding journey has really reconfirmed some of the cliché’ I believe in as an entrepreneur. They are cliché’ for a reason, because they are so true, no other belief or definition can replace them.

Let’s see what those are..

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The Power of Pre-Visualization

ted-12Did you hear about the power of pre-visualization? It’s huge, what ever you want to achieve you can more easily if you use this simple technique. Want to be skinny? Close your eyes for a minute and picture yourself. How do you look? Are you fat or skinny in your mind’s eye?

Sports psychologists talk a lot about pre-visualization. Before you throw your pitch, before you shoot your free-throw, before you hit your tee shot, you visualize it first. The same idea is used in career tests used by universities, they offer potential students career tests that allow people to visualize themselves as a doctor, engineer etc.

This act of pre-visualization causes your body to believe that it’s already successfully completed the task. Through consistent practice and with a repeatable routine, athletes commonly improve their performance percentages.

As someone struggling with their lack of confidence, the ability to see yourself as already accomplished individual will help in your overall  strategy.

Don’t picture yourself as you are. Picture yourself at your ideal job and begin to get comfortable with that and use it as motivation.

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Holiday, Shopping And Start-Up…

Hi guys,

It’s now nearly 1 am and I have uni plus work the day after ( or should I say today?=D) but here I am writing a new blob post. Well, this post will be short because:

a, I need sleep zzz

b, I just want to tell you a quick story with an end that you can’t even guess (or can you?=D)

OK, let my story begin!

As you all know I went to Vietnam for holiday 2 months ago ( For those who are new on the blog, YEP! I went holiday in Vietnam, BEST. TIME. EVER). So what you do when you go holiday?…

SHOP and EAT of course!

And that’s exactly what I did. ( You can check out the yummy dishes and drool over here=D)

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A Post For Us – All The Pretty Girls

red-lipstick-skin-tone_thumb-lI have been writing a lot about start-ups, money-making, businesses…and it seems the guys are more interested in this kind of stuff more than us girls… Now it is the time I write up something more relevant to us : Pretty Dresses to wear at your wedding.

Guys, please excuse me while I indulge and share a sense of womanly moment with all my female readers.


AIN’T we lucky we are women?

WE get to appreciate the fine art of fashion embraced upon our elegant bodies. Every brides deserve to look the most stunning, to feel amazing, to be loved, not only by her groom but also be loved, be amazed by how she feels about herself.

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How To Turn $5000 Into Billions (No Magic Needed, Just A Pair of Spanx)

Hi guys,
I hope y’all are well and enjoying life.
Before saying anything, I just want to say I really miss blogging and you guys, my awesome readers who remind me that I REALLY SHOULD UPDATE MY BLOG OR ELSE =D

Over the course of the past month, I must admit I have so many things that I want to share with you guys including pictures of my awesome SUPER 21st where everyone dressed up as superheroes ( I happened to be Sailor Moon- but that’s a different story).

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