The Power of Pre-Visualization

Did you hear about the power of pre-visualization? It’s huge, whatever you want to achieve you can more easily if you use this simple technique. Want to be skinny? Close your eyes for a minute and picture yourself. How do you look? Are you fat or skinny in your mind’s eye?

Sports psychologists talk a lot about pre-visualization. Before you throw your pitch, before you shoot your free-throw, before you hit your tee shot, you visualize it first. The same idea is used in career tests used by universities, they offer potential students career tests that allow people to visualize themselves as a doctor, engineer etc.

This act of pre-visualization causes your body to believe that it’s already successfully completed the task. Through consistent practice and with a repeatable routine, athletes commonly improve their performance percentages.

As someone struggling with their lack of confidence, the ability to see yourself as an already accomplished individual will help in your overall strategy.

Don’t picture yourself as you are. Picture yourself at your ideal job and begin to get comfortable with that and use it as motivation.

I also use this method in fitness. I officially started working out on May 1st. I’m stronger than ever, healthier, and am burning fat. I’ve lost 12 pounds and my body fat % has dropped by 10 points.

I am now riding my recumbent bike for 1 hour a day and doing up to an hour.

The plan I started with 7 weeks ago is finally coming together. I started out at 275 lbs. I actually gained 8 pounds over the first 2 weeks, which was to say the least, frustrating.

I kept at it. I knew that if I just continued with my 5-6 meals per day  I’d eventually get my body’s metabolism turned around. I went from 2,400 calories/day down to 2,000 calories/day after the first 3 weeks.

I waited about 5 weeks to introduce cardio with my stationary bike. I now weigh 271 lbs. but most importantly, I have energy like crazy, my attitude is better and I’m having a great time working out again.

I was in Hollywood last week on a photo shoot and a friend and I hiked up one of the canyons off of Hollywood Blvd. and we went all the way to the top. I stopped 2 or 3 times for less than a minute each time, but it wasn’t difficult.

If I tried that hike 2 months ago my heart would have exploded out of my chest.

I’m able to see myself as I will eventually be. I don’t care how long it takes because I’m enjoying the ride and that’s reward in and of itself.

If you’ve started a fitness program and you’re not seeing results right away, don’t give up. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight and keep plugging away at it. It takes a little time for your body to get on track, but once it does the results become obvious.

The Benefits of Water – Nature’s Magic Elixir

With all the miracle weight loss pills and miracle drinks on the market, you’d think that American’s would be losing weight hand over fist instead of piling up the pounds.  Americans consume billions and billions of dollars worth of diet drinks and energy drinks and have nothing but additional weight gain to show for it.

There has to be a better way to hydrate ourselves.  Sadly, the answer is so simple that many people discount it’s effectiveness because it just seems to be too easy.

Do you desperately want a liquid diet drink that naturally helps you lose weight?  Go into your kitchen, walk over to the sink and turn on the spicket…..tada!!!!

Water, Good ole’ fashioned water.  It just can’t be that easy…right?  Well, it is that easy.  Water is miraculous with the health benefits it offers.  If you’ve been convinced by all the propaganda out there that the water in your tap is bad, then get bottled water or invest in a water filtration system for your home.

In any case, water is the answer for everyone if they’re looking to get their bodies back into shape.  Drink at least 100 ounces a day.  Add to that a balanced sensible diet and moderate to intense exercise and watch your weight regulate itself and your body transform itself into a fat burning machine instead of a fat producing blob.