How to be an Entrepreneur

A lot of you dream of running your own business once you’ve earned your degree. Well, let me tell you how I think about it. Being an Entrepreneur is hard work! Pushing forward, digging into uncharted territory and feeling like there is not enough time or days in the week. I can see why many would seep back into a comfy 9-5 job.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those that can happily take on a peaceful stable job. I am a dreamer, I am a mover, and I am an entrepreneur at heart. Take also a look at the following video in which five women entrepreneurs talk about their secrets to success:

I would rather work 24 hours for myself than 1 hour for someone else. That describes me completely. There is much to do when starting your own business, launching the career of your choice, or daring to push the boundaries of traditional thinking.

For me, that looks like becoming a successful writer, where I can travel while taking on projects that fit me. It is not an overnight phenomenon, it is learning what HTML writing is, how to market media, what is SEO, and submitting proposals for different projects.

Masculine and Feminine

I invite you to try this with someone you know: Give them a quarter, a dime and a nickel. Ask them to compare the coins, then listen to whether they first say how the coins are different, or, alike, or, some combination of both. You may notice some interesting masculine versus feminine aspects.

You may have heard about the bestgedclasses website here, I love them because they are friendly and answer my questions, so I asked them about the demographics of their website. They say, in general, it’s their repeated visitors that are female but their math practice tests pages are most visited and solved successfully by men. So here you go, there is something to math ability and masculinity.

In the introduction to So Dad, What Makes a Man? I say some of the country’s male political leaders disappoint me, right before admitting I spent the first half of my so-far life following the footsteps of my father, who was very comfortable with polarization. He always said that the path to leadership is complicated, but he and I were convinced of the rightness of our opinions.

The Librarian and the Internet

Recently, I’ve been looking into what I would need to do to become a Librarian. Now, this may seem a little strange to you but Librarians are increasingly involved with Internet-related information, technology, and applications, so who knows…

The roles of libraries and the Internet in providing information in the 21st century are firmly intertwined. It behooves any librarian working today to understand not only how to find things on the World Wide Web but to have a basic understanding of how it works.

Librarians will be called on to become information architects, to be able to create websites with clearly stated goals, that are aesthetically pleasing and filled with relevant content and functionality. The information architect should be, “someone who can think like an outsider and be sensitive to the needs of the site’s users and at the same time is enough of an insider to understand the site’s sponsoring organization, its mission, goals, content, audience, and inner workings.”

Letting Go: It’s Not Just for Grief Anymore

As we sit on the cusp of a New Year, I am observing the patterns we humans fall into when it comes to preparing for something new. When things have been challenging in work or relationships or finances or life it is easy to want to release the experiences and the memories associated with them. But when things have been going fairly well, we’re hesitant to welcome something new for fear we might ‘jinx’ the string of good luck we’ve already got going.

So how can we prepare and be ready for the New Year of 2019? I believe it comes in recognizing the responsibility we’ve accepted for running our own businesses, being the expert in our chosen field and committing to being the best at assisting those with hurting hearts.

I call it being response-able. Are you able to design a New Year that will have you responding to its opportunities and challenges with an open heart? Joyous anticipation? True trust that all will be well? If you have a clear vision of where you and your business is headed, you are. If not, try these tips to assure 2019 is a slice of heaven for you and your team:

The Path to Leadership Is Complicated

The Path to Leadership is complicated when you,  like me, need to begin with struggling to get your GED. I had no choice but dropping out of the High School, I was 16 years old back then, and it took me more than 3 years to earn a GED certificate.

I’m very proud of being a GED recipient but it wasn’t easy. I failed first, going back to school was a disaster and thankful for being able to follow online classes from for my GED prep. If I would live 20 years ago, would not be able to pursue my dream this way.

It took me 5 months to get ready for the GED exam, it was a character changing experience but I did it. Besides the GED diploma, I also got confidence and self-esteem as the byproducts.

My secret source of motivation was the website that pointed out often enough that many famous and successful now people are also GED graduates. Then I decided I want to be a leader, I want to be a nurse and a leader, now my task was to find my own path to leadership.

5 Great Lessons Steve Jobs Has Taught Us

Today I think back to the time when I learned that the battle between Steve Jobs and his pancreatic cancer has come to an end. There was neither winner nor loser in this battle.

There was only loss…

A wife has lost a loving husband. The children have lost an inspiring father. The world has lost a great man whose life has touched, inspired and changed so many others. Or like a friend said:” The apple has lost its bite”.

He has contributed so much to the world, not only by changing the face of technology but also the spirit of entrepreneurship. Even though he has passed away, he is still the visionary he was born to be and left the world several great lessons to be passed on, to be learned and to be applied by each and every one of us.

On The Road to Self-Employment-Firing Your Boss

If you find yourself making up excuses for why “you need” your current job, or holding off on firing your boss, then you’re afraid of not being able to find anything else, finding something worse, or maybe when you do decide to embark on what makes you happy there is the possibility of failure so you’re taking the safer route.

But the truth of the matter is, can you really live with the fact that you might be passing up something that could lead you to happiness if you decide to stick to your job… due to fear? (#1)

#2/ You feel bored with your life

I’m sure repeating the same routine day in, day out, for years on end would take the mickey out of anyone. The predictability of it all leaves you feeling tired, unhappy, unfulfilled, and you’re probably asking yourself, “What is the point of all of this?” Take that as a cue to start rethinking about what you want out of life. Sometimes a simple process of getting a certificate will help you to move forward.

Sometimes, firing your boss and leaving your day job can be frightening because there are so many worries that go with it (damn bills…), but have you ever thought about the positives that come with that? …

How to Avoid Procrastination

Yesterday, my awesomely cute 13-year-old cousin asked me a question that made me think hard ( and that rarely happens)

She asked:” When are you gonna write a new blog post? What is this about?” ( Ok, maybe that’s TWO questions).


There are actually people who wait for my blog posts. ( Well, at the moment, it seems like my 13-year-old cousin is the only one. But if you do like my blog posts, please HOLLA at me, just leave a comment TO SAY HI, that would mean so much to me).Anyways, back to the point. The fact that my cousin does read my posts (or at least I think she does, and she hates reading FYI) makes me feel guilty for all the procrastination I have committed.

Plus the fact that I have heaps of assignments to start doubles my guilt level.

But I just love it so much (the watching Youtube videos and Facebook stalking, that is)

Plus in my defense, I DO learn interesting things from it.

Proof of that is:

Q: What BEES make milk?


Anthony “Tony” Maglica and 20 Other Young Founders of Big Companies

The other day, I came across a list of famous young rich with GED certificates on the website  and it made me wonder how old some of the world most famous brand’s founders were when they first started their multimillion dollar companies.

Naturally, I did a little research. And the results shocked me. I limited my search for people under 25 only, not expecting many to make the list.

Boy! Was I wrong! The figures are dated, of course (2011), and I think it shows how fast the world has changed. Take a look at some data:

Anthony “Tony” Maglica is the owner and founder of Mag Instrument Inc, the company that manufactures the Maglite flashlight which was designed by Maglica. The Maglite is a powerful and durable flashlight that has become standard issue gear used by police officers in the USA. He was born in New York, but because of the Great Depression, his family returned to the island of Zlarin.

Sometimes I Just Don’t Want To…

Just because you see me smiling, doesn’t mean I am always happy. Just because you hear me laughing, doesn’t mean my every moment is always filled with joy. I have moments, I have days, and I have weeks, where I just don’t want to do it.  Any of it.

I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to drive the kids to school. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to clean the kitchen, or do the laundry. I don’t want to make sure there’s something for dinner, and that everyone does their homework.

I don’t want to get the mail, or pay the bills. I simply want to pull the covers back over my head and sleep while someone else handles it.  All of it.

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