A Post For Us – All The Pretty Girls

I have been writing a lot about start-ups, money-making, businesses…and it seems the guys are more interested in this kind of stuff more than us girls… Now it is the time I write up something more relevant to us: Pretty Dresses to wear at your wedding.

Guys, please excuse me while I indulge and share a sense of womanly moment with all my female readers.

AIN’T we lucky we are women?

WE get to appreciate the fine art of fashion embraced upon our elegant bodies. Every bride deserves to look the most stunning, to feel amazing, to be loved, not only by her groom but also be loved, be amazed by how she feels about herself.

I love the extravagant frill that makes every bride feel and look like a princess.

And that’s exactly how a wedding dress has to make you feel – like a princess. No matter how old you are, no matter where you are at, no matter if you can’t afford a Vera Wang =D… every detail on your dress should be perfect, should be about YOU, because it’s YOUR BIG day, not anyone else’s…

And this dress, so simple yet elegant.

The lovely couture is hidden purposely in every detail, in every embroidery, in every lacy thread, in the cut of the bow, in the fall of the dress, in its touch to the ground, in its softness… Those things, those are the things that reflect your happiness, your smiles, your loving touches to your groom.

The perfect dress for your perfect day…

I love the pink bouquet…


AND FINALLY MY ULTIMATE INSPIRATION (which I’m considering to base my ideas for my OWN wedding dress on)

The awesome backless dress.

However, I would love to add/ incorporate details from each of the above dresses into a final completed one to my own liking. I mean, shouldn’t things work as seamlessly as possible?

You know your body best, you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know what part of your body to show off and what part to hide, then WHY COMPROMISE WITH A CANNED-WEDDING-DRESS?


It’s not only a dress, it contains a piece of your happiest memories after all…


Ok, FINE! I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT BUSINESS! because I see so much business sense in this whole concept.

And I’m dreaming of having my own place where all my girlies can come to, let their creativity flow, add their own touches to their own dream wedding dresses and like a fairy godmother, my team and I will make their dreams come true…

If you are into customization products where adding your own personal touches is a must, then you have to check out this AMAZING shoe store called Shoes of Prey.

The whole look of their website is amazing and really easy to navigate… Imagine having a site like that for wedding dresses where you can see and control the which fabric to use, which lace thread to put where, which pearl to add, which bow to add, which color to choose from…

In the stage where everything is fast-canned-made, ready to order, finding your own personal feels and touches is quite hard, especially in YOUR SPECIAL DAY =D

I know with Cool Geek launching in 2 days..(. YAY! ) and all. I have to concentrate 110% on it now.

But it doesn’t cost anything to dream… and of course to keep that idea in mind to execute.

By the way, 22 Michaels wrote an excellent post on whether or not you should discuss your business ideas with others.

I’m a big believer in honesty on the internet so sharing ideas is a must. Besides people come up with the same idea ALL THE TIME. The end result depends on the EXECUTION…