About KaiserAlex

Hi. I am KaiserAlex, a 21+-year-young student who is interested in study topics and entrepreneurship. I love my student life, but I want to be an entrepreneur.


I am lucky. I have a lovely family that supports me all the time. My friends teach me valuable lessons about life all the time. With my blog, I want to be open about my moves and achievements in the world of blogging. I would like to bring out and share as much as possible information, tips, tricks, and inspiration.

I’ll tell you about business events where I go, education topics, influential business people, the best inspirational books around, and much more. I’ll inform you about my progression as a young entrepreneur and share some of the tricks that I learn to help you, like me, make some money and field new friends and success.

I want to demonstrate the best things that I’ve learned from experts and share the skills needed to do some real-life experiments. I will tell you the stories that I learned in real life so also you will be able to get the most and best out of your entrepreneurial life.

Thanks for reading my blog. I’m hoping you will follow suit and start your own blog sometime soon!


To contact me, send an email to info [at] kaiseralex.com

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