Josep Guardiola focusing on Golden Age boats before overtaking Fergie’s record

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola has stressed his most English League Cup win with Liverpool over individual achievements alongside legends such as Sir Alex Ferguson or Bi. Ryan Clough

Josep Guardiola is currently in charge of City, who has won the League Cup four times, a joint record with ex-Manchester United manager Ferguson and Forest legend Clough, and is looking to go up the ladder alone if that is achieved. in the Carabao Cup 2022-23 

However, the Spanish coach sees that everything happens because all parties in the ufabet team work together. therefore focusing on the success of the ninth organization rather than claiming because of his guts alone.

“We have to win the Carabao Cup because we have the opportunity to do it. By the way, holding my record for winning this tournament with Sir Alex has not changed anything about my life.

“The success we achieved in this competition is amazing. So the fact that I’m on the same shelf as ‘Fergie’ or Clough doesn’t change that. The most important thing for City Club.

“Even though most people are undervalued in this competition. But we always do our best. Like last season, it was eliminated at the hands of West Ham, but the overall picture came out amazing.

“Over the past 6 years, I have won many titles. Especially cool things like the English Premier League, while any event is on the way, take it all. 

“Obviously winning the English Premier League or Champions League is more important than winning the Carabao Cup, but when you get the chance, grab it first.”  

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