Can You Imagine Life Without Bieber Fever? (Or How You Can Create Business Opportunities From The Fever)

Last night, being inspired after an INTENSE homemade Karaoke session with the family, my two awesome cousins and I decided to watch Never say NEVER
The movie( documentary) is not only fun to watch(and sing along) but also comes with several benefits which I believe will help boosting your business to the next level.

I’m not a JB fan, to be clear.

However, I feel he is a cool guy, very talented (both off and on stage) and most importantly can offer heaps of awesome lessons for us- entrepreneurs on the path to success.
You surely can learn a thing or two (or even three) from this 17-year old who:

=>Is one of the world’s wealthiest teenagers with a WOOPING net worth of $200 million.
=>Has over 63 million followers n Twitter(@justinbieber)
=>Has over t100 million Facebook fans.
=>Has sold 10 million albums worldwide over 14 months
=>Received multiple Grammy nominations
=>Sold one million bottles of his JB’s One less lonely girl nail polish ( cute)
=>Has his own movie” Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which is opened on 3,000-plus screens with box-office earnings that could top $20 million
And did I say he is not even 18 yet? (Yep, he was born on March 1, 1994)

So what are his secrets?
It’s not without good reason this Canadian born star who was raised only by his single mother has become such a world’s phenomenon and creates his own flu effect ( Bieber fever, anyone? ), the secrets are as follows:

While it is easy to come up with the assumption that Justin Beiber is an extremely lucky kid who was discovered by Scooter Braun- a talent manager who viewed his videos on Youtube.
However, not many people know of the journey to his massive success. It is important to remember that: Overnight success never happens overnight. JB started performing at the age of 3 ( according to what I learn in the documentary). It was not that long ago when a 12-year-old Bieber was busking outside the Avon Theatre in Stratford, Ontario (population 32,000) hoping to get noticed.
He did his time playing in shopping malls, parking lots and on the streets from Cleveland to Syracuse. He entered several talent shows performing varieties of musical norms ( in fact, he got beaten in a talent show by a girl, talking about irony=).

Even after being discovered by his now-manager Scooter Braun, it takes JB a laser focus mind, on a clear objective and a consistent effort to diligently deliver what he has to offer in a long period of time to win the hearts and minds of his fan( mostly young girls, my baby cousin is one of them=). He visited radio station after radio station with his ready voice, consistent attention to his adorable branding, never showed a sign of complain.

It is himself that creates his own luck, (with the help of other talented people of course). People that succeed, be it Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, Usher or Bieber, ensure they prepare themselves with the foundation for success by consistently deliver their best for what they want to stand for in the world.

Or in other words, the key to success is be great at what you do, for who you do it for. Simple at that!

JB does this extremely well.
He ( or his talented marketing team) strategically targets a mass market (teenager girls) who idolizes, adores, follows and buys into him. Buy only targeting this niche using his good luck and talent, he provides the means for his target audience to spend money to get a piece of him ( albums, concert, nail polish=)

For your business, if you trying to do everything at once, listen to all feedback, trying to please everyone, STOP! Think of JB and how he is either ‘your’ thing or he is totally not. It doesn’t matter if people hate and criticize him. His business is still doing extremely well by those who love him.

Stay true to what you believe in, ask yourself: ” Is this thing I do what I like?”.While listening to feedback is important to adapt to the wants and needs of your niche, your own belief matters the most. If you don’t like what you are doing, no one will.

It is so important that I have to repeat this once more time. “Brand well”.
If you are not doing it for your business, be it a FB page ( JB’s FB page has more than 20 million likes, the last time I check), a Twitter account ( 7 million followers), a Youtube channel ( this is the changing platform of his life), a podcast channel, a catchy name for your fan( Belieber is what JB fans call themselves, for instance), a distinguished feature of your product (JB ‘s famously windswept hair for instance), you are seriously missing out on great business opportunities

JB’s first class management team including Usher and Scooter Braun has skillfully brought out the best of Branding 101 for maximum effect of the Bieber brand. The huge success of the Bieber brand is contributed by several smaller factors, there are his vocal coaching, his hair stylist, his backup singers or the strategic choice of public relations initiatives. The excellent Bieber branding team, including Justin himself, know that one inauthentic move, one missed detail, one non-Bieber incident, could make non-Beliebers out of his fans.

Start branding now!

Make people aware of your business, of your products. Spread the words out, ask friends and family to help you, connect with like-minded people, know your strength to promote it in your branding strategy, know your weakness as well, to transform it into your strength.

An example of this transformation is during JB’s fragile vocal cord time, a show was canceled. He immediately apologized to his fans via Twitter and received thousands of sympathetic replies. This weakness being well played has benefited him more than harm a/ he is seen as always putting his fans first and b/ more people talk about his brand as the media is notified of the canceling.

This is what I learn from the 22-year-old and will be using them to boost my businesses and the popularity of this blog, What other lessons have you learned from other young talented people?

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