How to be an Entrepreneur

A lot of you dream of running your own business once you’ve earned your degree. Well, let me tell you how I think about it. Being an Entrepreneur is hard work! Pushing forward, digging into uncharted territory and feeling like there is not enough time or days in the week. I can see why many would seep back into a comfy 9-5 job.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those that can happily take on a peaceful stable job. I am a dreamer, I am a mover, and I am an entrepreneur at heart. Take also a look at the following video in which five women entrepreneurs talk about their secrets to success:

I would rather work 24 hours for myself than 1 hour for someone else. That describes me completely. There is much to do when starting your own business, launching the career of your choice, or daring to push the boundaries of traditional thinking.

For me, that looks like becoming a successful writer, where I can travel while taking on projects that fit me. It is not an overnight phenomenon, it is learning what HTML writing is, how to market media, what is SEO, and submitting proposals for different projects.

Being an entrepreneur involves learning about subjects I never thought I would have to learn. The thing is, the payoff is huge, gradual, but huge. There is freedom in being able to perform work that you love to do. Waking up in the morning and beginning the day, with a flexible schedule and the right for a coffee break whenever I so chose.

Life is pretty nice. If you are at the beginning stages of becoming an entrepreneur, here are some great tips to keep you motivated along the way, though it needs to be said that the path to leadership is sometimes pretty complicated:

1) Get a plan!

The one singular important detail that tends to derail entrepreneurs from succeeding is not having a plan. Many have wishes and dreams, but without somewhat of an idea of how to achieve goals, it is easy to get off track and expend energy in the wrong areas. Before even really beginning, these people tend to throw their hands up in defeat.

To become a successful entrepreneur, stay focus and read up on what others who’ve gone before you have done to succeed. Books, webinars, seminars, internet blogs, and consulting coaches are all helpful tools to see how people have flourished in the areas you wish to explore.

I loved reading the book The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. It detailed great advice on how to become a writer while traveling around the world. There are so many wonderful websites that allow you to promote and monetize your blog.

Having tools and an outline of what to do helps move an entrepreneur in a positive direction. Let’s face it, this is new territory for most of us, we can use all the help we can get. With dedication in accomplishing the tasks on your To-Do list, you will slowly see signs of progression and payoff!

2) Put in the hard work.

The next step is starting to get down and dirty and really work towards the dreams you’ve envisioned. You have a plan in place, now it is time to put it into action. Each day make sure you are doing some activity that is building upon your business. This can be marketing, adding contacts to your lists, publishing articles, attending meetup groups, and calling friends and family members.

Whatever it may be, start growing your business each day. Get the ball rolling in the right direction. Before you know it, you are so focused that it will feel like there isn’t enough time in the week to accomplish everything you want to do. That is a great feeling to have because it means you are already doing so much.

As long as you are doing one thing each day, even if it is pinning on your Pinterest account under your new company’s name, you are getting closer to victory. It could well be that even today, women entrepreneurs have to put in more effort than men but then again, the rewards may be so wonderful.

3) Take your time.

There are no shortcuts to being an entrepreneur. No quick fixes or get rich plans here. It is all based on constant dedication and taking the time to thoroughly work on tasks. I’ve found that when I took the time to write a thoughtful, detailed proposal I ended up being rewarded with the freelance job. Take the time to get all of the facts, read through informative pamphlets, and use that knowledge to promote your work.

It does take an extra hour or so to slow down and be thoughtful, but this is one of those areas that you will begin to see the results from taking the actions of slowing down. Invest time in your work, or into improving your skills. It is one of the greatest ways to grow and become a successful entrepreneur.

4) Take breaks.

It is easy to overwork. Set your schedule where you are working a healthy eight hours a day. There comes a time to turn off the business brain and turn on some creative outlets. Yes, I am telling you to have fun (even though the work you are doing is a lot of fun too)! If you are an entrepreneur, then most likely you are a creative soul. Having fun, going on adventures, being able to play outdoors will add fuel to your entrepreneurship.

When we feel refreshed, energized, and ready to go that is when you will provide a better quality of work. Even while working, take a moment to stand up and stretch your legs. Eat lunch, take breaks, listen to your gut instincts even if your mind says you can last another 2 hours. If your instincts are saying hey I need a breather, then take one. Believe me, the work will get done much faster and easier if you steady yourself instead of push yourself to the point of burning out.

5) Remain calm when facing challenges.

Last week I had to write 19 different articles, on top of keeping up with my own two personal blogs, taking a phone call regarding the book I am writing, and celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend. Time was tight, but through the whole week, I reassured myself this will all get done. The biggest thing is to just show up to each task and keep in mind the last 4 points.

I took breaks when I needed to, I kept all workdays to 8 hours or tried to at least,  and I allowed myself to have fun on my anniversary. Remaining calm shows clients you are up for anything and will promote rehiring. It also gives you more confidences as an entrepreneur, that no matter what is being thrown at you, you have the skillset and mentality to handle it.

Go and enjoy being an entrepreneur, start forming a network around you, and constantly remind yourself why you are choosing this path in life. For me, it is about creating a lifestyle that I want. The flexibility to really explore this world and do what I love each day. Let me know how you are going above and beyond the ordinary in your life! Take also a look at this page about the five great lessons Steve Jobs has taught us. Very interesting!