How to Use Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

Nothing will get your tweets blocked faster than spamming the Twitter feeds of your followers. No matter how useful, amazing or life-changing you think a product is,

Twitter is not the place to shout it from the rooftops, especially when that shouting is relentless. Instead, affiliate marketing on Twitter needs to be subtle and natural. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to help you navigate the fine line between being a friendly marketer and an annoying spammer.


  • Build relationships that promote mutual sharing of information.

  • Link to blog posts that are relevant to your affiliate offers.

  • Create Twitter lists based on interests.

  • Be transparent about the material you’re linking to.

  • Provide useful and engaging content.

  • Tweet and retweet content from others that your followers would be interested in.


  • Tweet constant pitches for your affiliate products, daily or multiple times a day.

  • Tag Twitter users in your tweets that contain affiliate links.

  • Get carried away with auto-tweet software and spam your followers.

  • Auto-DM new followers with an affiliate link or information product.

  • Post material that’s only related to sales or products with no personality or engagement.

  • Post only about yourself as if nobody else uses Twitter at all.


The don’ts there might seem disheartening, but that’s not to say that you should never promote yourself on Twitter. You should promote yourself and your products, but in a way that doesn’t seem overbearing to others.

When you engage in conversations, ask questions, and respond to questions directed at you about scholarships for veterans or whatever your expertise is, you’re providing something meaningful to your followers.

That’s the purpose of Twitter. Once you’ve mastered that, most followers won’t mind that you slip in a recommended product or service now and then. In fact, they’ll appreciate your opinion on the product as long as you’re clear about what you’re linking to and what your motives are, says Johnson.


Keep in mind that Twitter offers more than just tweets. You can also take pictures and make videos to help you sell your products. Again, people need to get to know you first. If you try to pitch a product after being on Twitter for only a couple of days, you’ll get blocked or, even worse, marked as spam.

Do everyone, including yourself, a favor by being authentic, useful and reputable, Kate finished her story about promoting activities of Twitter.


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