I used to be a lazy bum…

I still am. But I am a more productive lazy bum now. Here is how… I have set up 2 new features in the blog: Monthly goals and Monthly achievements- which help motivate me to get things done. I am as transparent about it as possible so that you can learn from my successes and mistakes.

The idea struck me when I was checking out Pat Flynn’s income report and Zero passive income’s goals. I thought to myself: “I have not made that much online money like these two. I am a newbie. What can I do to motivate my lazy-self, do something productive and engage more with my readers?” The results are the two brand new pages Monthly goals and Monthly achievements as you can see.

But Why setting goals?

I’m glad you asked. Here is a list of top 3 reasons (composed my me) as to why setting goals and recording achievements are so AWESOMELY important.

1/ It’s easy to write – Your goals are your desires. I’m sure we all know what we want ( The other day I was talking to my girlfriend and we both agreed on the 4 things that mostly every girl wants – beauty, youth, love, money. Comment if you think we are too shallow =))

2/ It’s not that difficult to complete – Fortunately, I did not have to realize this the hard way. The creation of this blog has been in my to-do list for a long time. One day, when I decided I have had enough of my lazy self and start breaking free, the blog comes to life under the condition of me being a tech-noob (someone who has no or minimal knowledge about technology). In my defense, I have 8 years experience in checking and answering emails and nearly 3 years Facebook-ing. Anyhow, the amazing design you all can see is made possible by the amazing power of outsourcing (I strongly recommend freelancer.com (affiliate link). They have the largest pool of employees for you to choose from and the safest ways of getting your stuff done).

Initially, I was to go with Elance.com but I feel they are more US based so I chose freelancer instead because they gave me the option of choosing Australia as my first preference ( I know, I know, in this age of information border-less, it is silly of me, but still)

3/It feels awesome when crossing out a thing you completely achieved – I heard it makes you high.

That is it for today folks, I hope to hear your thoughts on the creation of these two features. Love it hate it-whatever, shoot me a comment. I love to hear your thoughts!

Have a fun and warm day everyone! ( Sydney’s Spring sucks, where is my sunshine??)