Letting Go: It’s Not Just for Grief Anymore

As we sit on the cusp of a New Year, I am observing the patterns we humans fall into when it comes to preparing for something new. When things have been challenging in work or relationships or finances or life it is easy to want to release the experiences and the memories associated with them. But when things have been going fairly well, we’re hesitant to welcome something new for fear we might ‘jinx’ the string of good luck we’ve already got going.

So how can we prepare and be ready for the New Year of 2019? I believe it comes in recognizing the responsibility we’ve accepted for running our own businesses, being the expert in our chosen field and committing to being the best at assisting those with hurting hearts.

I call it being response-able. Are you able to design a New Year that will have you responding to its opportunities and challenges with an open heart? Joyous anticipation? True trust that all will be well? If you have a clear vision of where you and your business is headed, you are. If not, try these tips to assure 2019 is a slice of heaven for you and your team:

1. Take inventory. What worked and what didn’t in 2018? How can you create different systems to cope or totally let go of what didn’t support you and your success? Knowing where you are now can help you see where you need to head in the future. And if you’re thinking about starting your own business, don’t procrastinate! Just get going. You might even want to fire your boss when you’re on the road to self-employment.

2. Stop blaming and start claiming your good. Yes, the economy played tricks on a lot of folks (though things have picked up pretty good again).  Yes, the weather certainly was a little precarious this past winter. Yes, that emergency surgery set you back a few weeks. Yes, it was more difficult to get ahold of people than it has been in the past.  Blah, blah, blah. Let go of the excuses and focus on the good you were surrounded by this past year and take a good look at how you can increase their power at work and home.

3. Define some action steps to measure your success by. When it comes to the grief support business I think we’re a little too timid. We trust that those families we’ve cultivated relationships will contact us when “they’re ready” and need us. This year, make a plan to get more involved in community events, though the path to leadership is complicated. Get your name out to the public you serve and let them begin to know you on a personal level, besides a business one.

4. Let go of who and what no longer supports you. It’s time to stop letting old thoughts, people and negative experiences keep you from moving forward. As you get clearer on what you’re here to do as a grief supporter, you’ll naturally attract those who support your vision. Already have a strong team of supportive co-workers? Stop reading this and go take them out to lunch! Show your gratitude; you’ll all be glad you did.

5. Stay in touch with your vision monthly, not just in January. Regular review of your 2019 plan will assure that you stay true to your vision. A Master Mind group or coach can be just the way to get support for your business growth.

Letting go of the old is a wonderful time-honored tradition that signals a New Year has begun. But the truth is that we can begin again at any moment. I wish you the best that these new moments of 2019 will offer. May we all be open to receive the gentle lessons and move forward into service with an open heart, gratitude and creative inspiration.

Happy New Year!