Monthly Achievements

Highlight of the month.

March is such a fun and memorable month.

Not only because it marks my first month blogging, but also it has brought up so many unexpected happiness.  And of course, because I smashed nearly all of my goals.

If you look at my March 2015 goal, you will see I set up 5 goals for myself to accomplish in one month. As I go through this post, I will cover each with more details

Goal no. 1-100 likes on Facebook page

Speaking of smashing goals, I’m so proud to smash the first goal of October-2011. That is to get 100 Likes on the blog’s Facebook Fan page. Well, at this point of writing, number of likes is 162 (1 being my own like. =>Well, you have to love your blog first in order to get others to love it and I LOVE my blog, I really do)

It has helped me connect with so many amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs who I never g. Anyways, more of that later).

I have to admit the process of inviting/ threatening/ begging people to like my page is actually quite fun.

What I mean is by constantly writing instant messages on the phone, my texting speed is now double the normal speed. By stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for what I want, I have actually gotten what I want (which is more likes). By saying hi to old friends whom I haven’t met in ages, I have been able to keep in touch with those and maintain the relationship I value but too busy/lazy to keep up with. The benefits far outweigh the work.

And the beautiful thing is it is not always about the number. It’s the human that amazes me. Since the start of the blog and the Facebook page, several friends have been helping me promote the page by posting it on their walls, sharing good stuff on the wall, giving me feedback on my monthly-versary- giveaway. Words can’t express how much thankful I feel towards your support. I guess my way of giving back is to write more awesome content and hold more giveaways =)

Goal no-2: Earn $50 online income( ebay+adsense+affiliate)

Earning an income online is no easy tasknothing is easy really). My first-month blogging has benefited me more than any money combined.

You are properly thinking to yourself: “Enough with the cheesy stuff! Show me the numbers already!

Please note: some of the links below are affiliate links and will earn me a commission if you purchase through them, If you do, you are absolutely awesome and I really appreciate your awesomeness. If you have any questions about any of the product or services, please ask me because I use those products myself and have a fair bit of knowledge about them.

Also, please consider that these figures don’t necessarily reflect the actual incomes due to potential refunds of transactions, also please consider the cost of running an eBay store as well as running this blog.

eBay Store: $ 223.75

Adsense: $ 10.02


                   Amazon: $64.00

                   Bluehost: $0.00

Total earnings: $297.77

Not too bad for a first month, me think (considering how I first set out my first month’s online income to be $50). Notice how I have an unfair advantage of the eBay store, which is not really first month and it contributes heaps to my earning. I have been taking the store for granted and not really paying it the attention it deserves. Sales have definitely dropped because there are not many new listings ( Blame it on my old laptop which gets super hot after just 10 minutes running, ah, also the many assignments I have to submit). New goal to improve eBay store next month is needed. By how much? You will find out in Nov- goal which will comes out by the beginning of Nov 2011=)

Adsense: I’m testing out this platform hence I don’t really have many comments to make except that it works and it is super easy to implement. I particularly don’t like sites with too much ads as I hate being sold to (I believe we are intelligent enough to make our own decision without being told to). I much prefer getting recommendations from friends and mentors. That is why I hope to give you as much details as possible about a product that I use so that you too can make a decision of your own upon purchasing a product. I absolutely respect your decision of supporting and using my affiliate links=). So I try to keep Adsense as minimum as possible.

Writing software Because one of my goals is to submit 5 articles to e-magazines to promote the content of this blog, So what does it do?

Say you have 1 really good article and you want to promote it. The best way is to submit it to different e-magazines. The problem is you need to submit unique content to get approval.

This is where the writing software comes in, it would spin your original article into a few other spun article with DIFFERENT WORDING but the SAME AWESOME CONTENT. I ‘d like to think of this process as cloning with personality. You create another copy based on the original one but the two are not identical. Now because e-magazines use a search engine to check the content, because the content you submit is UNIQUE, it gets approved and voila! your articles, as well as you and your site, get exposed to thousands of visitors.

 That is the theory.

Personally, I believe robots can’t replace human, that’s why I have been playing around with the Best Spinner for quite some time but have not submitted any articles=> hence the fail of my goals to submit 5 articles to e-zines.

I’d like to add some human touches to the spun articles and that process takes quite some time so I’ll give myself another month to get this goal done.

Amazon: even though I haven’t earn any income from Amazon, I’m quite happy I stopped myself from browsing their awesome store to actually sign up with their affiliate program. I’m currently holding a giveaway to celebrate my blog’s 1 month- old here. Leave a comment on what and why you want a product for your chance to earn an Amazon gift card and other awesome books ( read and recommended by me). They are:

4. Blue host: This awesome blog is hosted by Blue Host. I know it is awesome right?

I have had really bad experience with another hosting provider ( whose name I won’t name, if you really want to know–I won’t tell =>Just Host).

Blue Host has really saved my belief in a better internet. The service was recommended by my web designer who I hire on

I love Blue host because :

1/ it is very easy to use (even a tech noob like me can press 1 button and activate the account, then I’m sure you can too)

2/Exellent customer service ( this is what I heard, I have not had any issue since starting using Blue Host so I haven’t had a chance to interact with the customer service. I will let you know soon, or would you recommend me contact one anyways and ask really stupid questions just for the leisure of being their customer=) Let me know=)

Goal no. 3:  Interview 2 interesting young entrepreneurs.

Now, this is the part where I’m most proud of myself. I won’t tell you much, You just have to read the 2 interviews here and here,  to find out why.

Really, the 2 guys I interviewed are just really inspirational. They are so young yet have accomplished so much. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside because I get to interact with such awesome people, hehehe

Goal no.4: Submit 5 articles to online magazines 

As I mentioned above, I failed to complete this goal. It will have to carry on until April.

Goal No. 5: Get ranked in Alexa.

On the 27/2/201s, the site was not even ranked in Alexa. 1 month later, at this point of writing, the blog is ranked 3,981,047 in the global scale. Watching the blog climb the Alexa rank is like watching my child grow up (Even though I don’t have any children yet, I bet the feeling must be similar)

What’s next?

hint: The plan will involve something as exciting as an iPhone app, but I don’t want to talk much about things that I haven’t had a clue about… but I will keep you filled on my progress.

I hope this has entertained and inspired you to start a November full of energy, fresh ideas and courage to take actions and do whatever you love.

I wish you no more than a cool head to generate epic ideas and no less of a warm heart to follow through with those ideas