Holiday, Shopping And Start-Up…

Hi guys,

It’s now nearly 1 am and I have uni plus work the day after ( or should I say today?=D) but here I am writing a new blob post. Well, this post will be short because:

a, I need sleep zzz

b, I just want to tell you a quick story with an end that you can’t even guess (or can you?=D)

OK, let my story begin!

As you all know I went to Vietnam for holiday 2 months ago ( For those who are new on the blog, YEP! I went holiday in Vietnam, BEST. TIME. EVER). So what you do when you go holiday?…

SHOP and EAT of course!

And that’s exactly what I did. ( You can check out the yummy dishes and drool over here=D)

A Post For Us – All The Pretty Girls

I have been writing a lot about start-ups, money-making, businesses…and it seems the guys are more interested in this kind of stuff more than us girls… Now it is the time I write up something more relevant to us: Pretty Dresses to wear at your wedding.

Guys, please excuse me while I indulge and share a sense of womanly moment with all my female readers.

AIN’T we lucky we are women?

WE get to appreciate the fine art of fashion embraced upon our elegant bodies. Every bride deserves to look the most stunning, to feel amazing, to be loved, not only by her groom but also be loved, be amazed by how she feels about herself.

I love the extravagant frill that makes every bride feel and look like a princess.

And that’s exactly how a wedding dress has to make you feel – like a princess. No matter how old you are, no matter where you are at, no matter if you can’t afford a Vera Wang =D… every detail on your dress should be perfect, should be about YOU, because it’s YOUR BIG day, not anyone else’s…

And this dress, so simple yet elegant.

How To Turn $5000 Into Billions (No Magic Needed, Just A Pair of Spanx)

Hi guys,
I hope y’all are well and enjoying life.
Before saying anything, I just want to say I really miss blogging and you guys, my awesome readers who remind me that I REALLY SHOULD UPDATE MY BLOG OR ELSE =D

Over the course of the past month, I must admit I have so many things that I want to share with you guys including pictures of my awesome SUPER 21st where everyone dressed up as superheroes ( I happened to be Sailor Moon- but that’s a different story).

But… …

Can You Imagine Life Without Bieber Fever? (Or How You Can Create Business Opportunities From The Fever)

Last night, being inspired after an INTENSE homemade Karaoke session with the family, my two awesome cousins and I decided to watch Never say NEVER
The movie( documentary) is not only fun to watch(and sing along) but also comes with several benefits which I believe will help boosting your business to the next level.

I’m not a JB fan, to be clear.

However, I feel he is a cool guy, very talented (both off and on stage) and most importantly can offer heaps of awesome lessons for us- entrepreneurs on the path to success.
You surely can learn a thing or two (or even three) from this 17-year old who:

=>Is one of the world’s wealthiest teenagers with a WOOPING net worth of $200 million.
=>Has over 63 million followers n Twitter(@justinbieber)
=>Has over t100 million Facebook fans.
=>Has sold 10 million albums worldwide over 14 months
=>Received multiple Grammy nominations
=>Sold one million bottles of his JB’s One less lonely girl nail polish ( cute)
=>Has his own movie” Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which is opened on 3,000-plus screens with box-office earnings that could top $20 million
And did I say he is not even 18 yet? (Yep, he was born on March 1, 1994) …

The Noob Guide To Making Ebay Work For You

I have heaps of junk(s) I’m sure you do too=)

And I thank God every day that we have eBay.

eBay has helped me clear my junk, made the junk(s) work for me, which produces a sweet amount of money every month ( enough to support this blog in its infant stage and partly paying my uni fees, (and yes, I’m paying uni fees by myself, nothing to brag about but I’m quite proud actually).

I have to admit though, like anything in the world, eBay has its pros and cons, but you have to agree that earning $$$ selling through your computer/laptop/iPhone/iPad is kinda sweet.

I have been trading on eBay and have an Ebay store which sells ladies fashion clothes since last year. Even though I’m not a pro seller yet nor do I consider myself an eBay guru, I have learned a great deal on how to use eBay to earn income.

I thought my knowledge about eBay was no biggie until several of my awesome friends start asking if I have any tips on selling on eBay.

From $0 To $ 20 Thousands

Ladies and Gents,
Today I’m so excited to be featuring a guest post from the awesome Anh Do.
He completed his Bachelor of Engineer from the University of Sydney, was selected out of 5000 applicants for Westpac graduate program to work as an IT in 2009.

…Now he works in the Financial sector of Westpac (Talking about constantly changing your mind…)

Let’s see what he has to share:

#Drum rolls#

#Enter Anh Do #( No, he is not Anh Do the comedian in case you are wondering)

Since I’ve been mentioned in a few of Tram’s blogs(here and here ) and being a big fan of her awesome site I decided to make a small contribution to this great collection (also because Tram has been very persistent in asking me to do this =) ).
My name is Anh; I work as a bank analyst on my day job. Outside of that world, I love hanging out with friends (especially my awesome gf -)), games, soccer and food!

As many, I also know the importance of starting early to be able to do all the things we want to do in life.
Naturally, I started with investments in the stock markets last year and I’d like to share with you some of my experiences and lessons: …

Monthly Achievements

Highlight of the month.

March is such a fun and memorable month.

Not only because it marks my first month blogging, but also it has brought up so many unexpected happiness.  And of course, because I smashed nearly all of my goals.

If you look at my March 2015 goal, you will see I set up 5 goals for myself to accomplish in one month. As I go through this post, I will cover each with more details

Goal no. 1-100 likes on Facebook page

Speaking of smashing goals, I’m so proud to smash the first goal of October-2011. That is to get 100 Likes on the blog’s Facebook Fan page. Well, at this point of writing, number of likes is 162 (1 being my own like. =>Well, you have to love your blog first in order to get others to love it and I LOVE my blog, I really do)

It has helped me connect with so many amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs who I never g. Anyways, more of that later).

I used to be a lazy bum…

I still am. But I am a more productive lazy bum now. Here is how… I have set up 2 new features in the blog: Monthly goals and Monthly achievements- which help motivate me to get things done. I am as transparent about it as possible so that you can learn from my successes and mistakes.

The idea struck me when I was checking out Pat Flynn’s income report and Zero passive income’s goals. I thought to myself: “I have not made that much online money like these two. I am a newbie. What can I do to motivate my lazy-self, do something productive and engage more with my readers?” The results are the two brand new pages Monthly goals and Monthly achievements as you can see.

How to make money off GAMES

My boyfriend is a game addict. He loves me first then gaming second (I hope). So being a lovely and considerate girlfriend, I started playing games too. Not the violent type like WoW (World of Warcraft- I have been thinking it’s “War of Warcraft” for a while until a friend pointed out. I’m such a pro;), LoL (League of Legend), DotA or CS (Counter-Strike), but the cute and more challenging type like Super Mario, Tetris battle, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds (hehe). So much more sophisticated, don’t you think?

If authors bring you the world of imagination via books

Then game designers bring you the world of joy via games

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