How to Avoid Procrastination

Yesterday, my awesomely cute 13-year-old cousin asked me a question that made me think hard ( and that rarely happens)

She asked:” When are you gonna write a new blog post? What is this about?” ( Ok, maybe that’s TWO questions).


There are actually people who wait for my blog posts. ( Well, at the moment, it seems like my 13-year-old cousin is the only one. But if you do like my blog posts, please HOLLA at me, just leave a comment TO SAY HI, that would mean so much to me).Anyways, back to the point. The fact that my cousin does read my posts (or at least I think she does, and she hates reading FYI) makes me feel guilty for all the procrastination I have committed.

Plus the fact that I have heaps of assignments to start doubles my guilt level.

But I just love it so much (the watching Youtube videos and Facebook stalking, that is)

Plus in my defense, I DO learn interesting things from it.

Proof of that is:

Q: What BEES make milk?


Ok, enough with the lame jokes that I love to collect and spread.

I seriously need to do something about it ( procrastination that is. Not lame  jokes, You know you love lame jokes)

Well, the cure came this morning in form of the above Youtube Video (Guess what I was doing? Procrastinate of course! Surprise Surprise!)

1/ Well, this video by Tales of mere existence is not exactly the cure. It basically showcases what it is like to be procrastinating. There are just times that I don’t want to …

Plus it’s fun ( You know you love fun stuff!! Isn’t it what life is all about? Having fun?)

2/ The really simple way to get work done

This blog post by Scott Young published on Zenhabits is like a good-looking doctor with deep ocean blue eyes, sexy voice and 6 packed-body that miraculously and patiently showed me what my illness was and how to cure it. Well, STOP IMAGINING and START reading this post! I know, I know, the road to leadership isn’t that easy, is it?

Which leads us to the next awesome post. It is so true and scary that makes it so good.

3/ 4 procrastination myths debunked by Marelisa published in

She said:

“ There are less than two hundred days left in 2018, if you have a backlog of projects that you meant to work on this year, but which you haven’t gotten around to, it’s very likely that procrastination is the culprit” ( HEAR! HEAR!)

4/ Why Some Procrastinators Succeed and What We Can Learn From Them by Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome

I knew it,

I knew from the bottom of my heart that procrastination is not so bad at all. Pat from smartpassiveincome has spoken, and he is rarely wrong.

Let’s hear what he has to say and LEARN

5/ well, if all failed, at least let’s have fun with it.

I found this video above on Youtube while procrastinating and it surprisingly comes in handy( in a fun way). See also the post “What you can Learn From Brent Beshore”.

And hey! “procrastination isn’t too bad at all”.

At least,

It helps me get this blog post done. =)

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